Tuesday, November 10, 2009

3-Day Weekend

Last year i wrote about Utah's idea of a regular 4-day working week. Now, Hungrybeast reports that the scheme has been very successful.

With the goals of saving money, emissions and employee sanity; so far it has saved $1.8 million dollars, 12,000 tonnes of emissions and gets the thumbs-up from 75% of employees. Hungrybeast also interviews an Australian company doing a similar thing.

The idea is popular, more productive, and better for the planet. One politician called it a "no brainer". I call it a Convenient Solution.

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Shelagh said...

Love this idea! I've been in love with this idea for a while - quality of life, more time with family, less pressure to buy more stuff, better on the environment - its win, win, win. I'm so glad to hear its working!