Monday, August 11, 2008

4 Day Working Week

This has to be one of the most convenient solutions I have seen. The State of Utah, in the US, has instigated a 4-day working week in an effort to reduce carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency. The move is also expected to improve customer service and provide workers more flexibility.

Meanwhile, a good friend of mine has arranged a similar deal, where he gets every friday off, in exchange for working slightly longer on the other 4 days. While carbon emissions may not have been his main reason, there does seem to be a link between being low-carbon, and having an improved lifestyle.

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Neil said...

Hi Dave, I believe you're referring to me :) For varied reasons, I drive most days. By dropping a day from my work week and driving outside of peak traffic hours (6:30am there, 6:30pm back, Mon-Thurs) I've more-than-halved my weekly fuel bill. One less day + no idling in grid-lock = happier me, wife, son & hopefully Earth. Try it if you can!