Thursday, July 24, 2008

$185 Solar Power

A few months ago, the government launched a scheme where it would bulk-buy 1000 rooftop solar power systems, and that these systems would be sold to interested Queenslanders, at the bulk price. Within days, 5000 people had registered their interest, so the list was closed.

Now the deals have been done, and it turns out that the bulk-buy was so effective that the final cost, for those clever Queenslanders who got in quick, is just 185 dollars (for those still eligible for the federal solar rebate).


Alistair said...

I find it staggering that the government doesn't extend this offer to as many house holds as possible. Surely they can see that this has no down-side at all? It's not only great for the environment but also saves money in the long term.

Perhaps the government could buy the solar panels for residents and then split the savings 50:50 so that over time the government would be reimbursed their cost.

david said...

Hi Alistair

Yep, I agree it would be great to extend it further. I think the government were stunned by the size of the response, given the mere 500 installations up until now.

As for a 50/50 scheme, i think the government prefers the current model as it requires virtually no money from them - just organisation.

Meanwhile, if you want to encourage the government to be more pro-active, why not contact your local member, or the minister for climate change. Just in case they aren't reading this blog :)