Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What's this all about?

I am constantly amazed at how bad the global warming situation is. But I am also relieved that there is a way out. There are things we can all do to save ourselves and save the planet. I call them "Convenient Solutions".

As mentioned in the documentary movie "An Inconvenient Truth", the saddest thing is not the massive amounts of carbon dioxide we are pumping into the atmosphere; but the fact that we have the ability (and technology) to do something about it ... but haven't.

To quote Bernie Hobbs (ABC Science) "there's no need to quit your job & drag the family off to some mud hut to live on cold water and baked beans".

There are simple things that governments, companies, community groups, and individuals can all do to help cut greenhouse gases. Many of them are once-off decisions that have long term benefits. That's what makes them Convenient Solutions.

So come back often, for ideas and tips on how we can help save the planet.

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