Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Big Companies

There is a popular belief that big companies prefer to remain ignorant about global warming. Partially because it's an uncomfortable thought that they are major 'globe warmers' - but also because it confuses corporations to think that about more than profits.

Anyway, at my company someone sent an email message (anonymously) to encourage everyone to visit the website - the official website for the movie "An Inconvenient Truth". Surprisingly, it wasn't me! But then i do work with other scientists...

Anyway, the reaction from management was huge. Though the email would have taken about 30 seconds to send, it was described as a waste of company time. A meeting was called (ironically a bigger waste of time) and although the 'culprit' is unknown - we were let know in no uncertain terms that this was not on.

Meanwhile, everyone still receives emails about raffle tickets for the local school, the occassional bozo who has lost his/her glasses case, and equally earth-shattering news...

Somehow, i think someone hit a nerve!

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