Saturday, October 14, 2023

EV Subsidy for Second-hand Electric Vehicles

Have I mentioned GoodCar before? This company imports second-hand electric vehicles from Japan to Australia, so that we have more affordable options than buying new.

This month they have launched their own GoodCar $3,000 EV subsidy, which can be subtracted from their already-low prices. 

As I write this, their cheapest EV is $19,000, is in 5-star condition, and has just 13,000 kms on it. Check out their range.

Combined with the running-cost savings of thousands of dollars year after year, switching to an electric vehicle has become a very viable option. GoodCar say charging an electric car is like filling your tank for $10. (Calculate your savings here)

The subsidy runs out on 20 October 2023.

Want the subsidy to be ongoing? Sign the petition

Goodcar are funding this subsidy out of their own pocket, and believe government's should help everyday Australians purchase second-hand electric cars - not just wealthier Australians get brand-new ones. If you agree, why not sign their petition.

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