Monday, March 09, 2015

High Speed Rail for Australia

Long-distance travel can be a tricky to do without emitting carbon. Until now.

Research group Beyond Zero Emissions have come up with a comprehensive plan for High Speed Rail in Australia.

Beyond zero emissions high speed rail report

The plan makes train travel a convenient and less expensive way to travel up and down the east coast of Australia. 60% of Australians live within reach of this high speed network, and trips to Sydney can be made in about 3 hours, from either Melbourne or Brisbane. And that time is city centre to city centre (not to an airport that takes extra time to commute to and from).

Here's a small sample of their example timetable.

High speed rail timetable from Beyond Zero Emissions high speed rail report

It's a really good report. I encourage you to download a copy.

Map of high speed rail route from Beyond Zero Emissions high speed rail report

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Anonymous said...

Gonna admit that'll make my commute way too fast