Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Getting Satisfaction at the Bank Branch

Two things happen when you take your money out of a bank that finances fossil fuels. First, the good feeling from knowing that your money is no longer being used by the bank to ruin our planet - and that you've done something to improve life for yourself - and people everywhere.

The second is that you get a chance to tell off your old bank.

Move to a non-coal bank - that's the description on my statement of why i'm withdrawing my money.

As I transferred my money, I entered the description "Move to a non-coal bank". I don't know if anyone reads that, but I feel good when I read it on the statement.

I also took the time to write the bank a short note to say that
  • I'd learnt they were funding fossil fuels,
  • I didn't think that was a responsible use of money, and so
  • I'm taking my money elsewhere.
PS. See whether your bank deserves the same treatment, and perhaps switch banks.

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