Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hope for Creation

Hope for Creation is a movement of Australian Christians, who commit to prayer and action on climate change.

If the world is God's creation, and climate change threatens that creation - particularly the world's poor - then it makes sense for Christians to be interested in action on climate change.

Hope for Creation Sunday 7 September 2014

One action is Hope for Creation Sunday, where churches make a special effort to reflect on climate change and pray for creation and the poor. There are prayers, presentations, and Sermon ideas available for download.

If you attend a church that doesn't get involved in Hope for Creation, there are resources that can help you individually learn, act, advocate and pray about this.

You can make a small start now, by taking the pledge.

The pledge - I am a disciple of Jesus, who is Lord of creation. I am a steward entrusted with care for all that God has made. I am a creature dependent on the grace of God and God's gifts in creation.

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