Wednesday, June 11, 2014

G20 or G19?

I'm often impressed how cartoonists sum up a big news story in one sketch.

The Australian Prime Minister is currently touring the USA. Later this year Australia hosts the G20. There's been some talk about how the Australian government might explain it's lack of action on climate change.

In recent times, the USA has announced a 30% reduction to power station emissions, China will cap its emissions, and Finland has just announced an 80% emission reduction target. The latter receiving much less coverage.

I've written plenty about how Australia is far behind the rest of the world on climate action. But the cartoonist sums it up in an illustration.

PS. The US move will also reduce particulate pollution, and as a result will avoid up to 6,600 premature deaths, up to 150,000 asthma attacks in children, and up to 490,000 missed work or school days. That's $93 billion in climate and public health benefits. Also, it will cut power bills by 8% by increasing efficiency. It's a shame those sorts of benefits don't seem to interest Australia.

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