Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Angry Summer 2013/14

The results are in and 156 record were broken. Here are just some of them:

Angry Summer. Australian Heatwave and drouight records 2014

Here in Queensland, we had the hottest day ever. Victoria had 4 days in row over 41°C (106F). Adelaide had 11 days over 42°C (108F). 5 of those days were in a row. And the nights were hot too. Perth had it's hottest night of 29.7°C (85F).

The worst part is when you remember that scientists are predicting a 4-6°C rise by the end of the century. Read the previous paragraph with another 6°C (11F) added on to those temperature, and it doesn't sound good.

Add to that the bushfires, and the drought areas (my state of Queensland is now 80% drought-declared - the most ever) and it doesn't paint a very nice picture.

Perhaps it's time to take global warming seriously.

Full report and high-resolution graphic
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