Thursday, January 02, 2014

Top 5 of 2013

Happy New Year everyone. Before we get into 2014, let's have a quick look back at the most liked posts of 2013.

5. Friday funnies are something I enjoying bringing to you. And it seems you also enjoy them, particularly the Most Ridiculous Thing at Work video.

4. Many popular posts are about taking action. The pledge to go renewable during Earth Hour was number 4.

3. On the information side, my review of the documentary Ten Bucks a Litre had lots of views. While the film may not have been perfect, it highlighted that change is necessary for our energy to be viable in the future.

2. LED lights. Another example of taking action. One of my posts to let you know about low-price energy efficient lights was the number two post of the year. So, what was the most popular?

1. Australia reduced electricity emissions by 8.6% in 6 months of carbon pricing. Possibly the biggest single action to reduce emissions in this country was introduced mid-2012. Early 2013, I wrote about it's success, and that was easily the most-read post of the year.

Thank you for reading. In 2014 I hope to bring you info on climate change, and on positive actions you can take - along with a health dose of Good News Tuesday, and some Friday Funnies. Happy New Year!

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