Monday, September 30, 2013

Even more certain about climate change

One of the best summaries of the IPCC's latest climate report is 15 Things You Should Know. In short, it mentions that:

1. Climate change is happening and we're doing it. Scientists are 95-100% certain - which puts it about level with smoking causing cancer.

2. There has been no slow down in warming. The last 30 years were the warmest 30 years. The rate of warming is 10 times faster than any time in 65 million years.

3. We need to leave 90% of fossil fuels untouched, to have a reasonable chance of avoiding catastrophe.

Perhaps it was summed up best by the headline "Jury In: Climate Change Real, Caused by Us, and a Threat We Must Deal With".

Map of global warming

Interesting trivia about the report includes that more than 2,000 scientists worked on it. 9,200 studies were analysed, which were based on over 2 million gigabytes of data. (That's 20,000 times the size of my laptop computer!).

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