Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our New Normal

Australia's current heatwave and bushfires have motivated GetUp to publish this infographic. It has a lot the info i wrote about on Tuesday, with some additional stats. For instance the average maximum across Australia was over 39°C for 7 days in a row - that's an all-time record.

Click the image for a larger version

The background picture is a map of Australia showing the active bushfires as of Jan 8. The yellow bars at each capital city indicate the projected number of hot days (over 35°C) by 2100, compared to the red bars (hot days per year these days).

The original graphic is accompanied by some Stay Safe tips for heatwaves and bushfires (helpful right now) and some information on climate change and temperature increase (helpful into the future as we try to reduce the severity of these events in the future, by taking action on climate change now).

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