Thursday, November 29, 2012

Taking Australia's Temperature

In the season finale of Catalyst, they did a special episode Taking Australia's Temperature - taking a local look at the effects of global warming.

It's pretty interesting stuff. In the parts of Australia that get snow, it's melting earlier and quicker than in the past. Melbourne's heatwave, broke the previous February record by more than 3 full degrees - reaching 48.5°C (115.7°F). In some heatwaves, flocks of birds are dying as they fall to the ground.

There are jokes that if it gets too bad we could all move to Tasmania. But Brown Brothers winery is serious. They've bought up property in Tasmania to avoid having their wine (and their business) ruined by high temperatures.

Of course some will say that this is just 'natural variability' or 'random chance'. But the planet has had 330 months of above average temperature. Imagine tossing a coin - and getting the same result 330 times in a row. Or your sports team losing 330 games in a row. Some things can't be put down to chance.

[Read the transcript or see the video.]

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