Thursday, October 18, 2012

More Coal Shut Downs

Recently i rejoiced about Munmorah closing down. Now Tarong (here in Queensland) and Yallourn have announced the shut-down of 700MW and 360MW of generation, respectively. This takes the count to five recent shut-down announcements by coal-fired power stations (totalling about 3000MW).

To put some scale to this news, my back-of-the-envelope maths has the 360MW generator putting out about 510 tonnes of pollution every hour it runs. Obviously the 700MW would be even more. Now that they're shutting down, that a lot of greenhouse gas not being produced.

As i mentioned yesterday, this is the positive outcome from years of being energy efficient and installing solar power. (Of course, the other benefit is paying lower electricity bills).

PS. I later discovered a graphic of the shut-down coal power stations.

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