Monday, December 12, 2011

What's Your Carbon Price

As Australia decided to bring in a carbon price, i probably mentioned the wild exaggerations by those opposed to the change. Now that the dust has settled, experts have analysed the details of the policy to bring back some reality and perspective.

At Your Carbon Price everyday Australians can answer a few basic questions to estimate (a) how much (or little) our costs might change, and (b) how much we'll receive in tax cuts and other assistance. Here's mine:

As you can see from my analysis, the tiny impact of $5.70 per week, is easily offset by the $5.83 reduction in my income tax. I'd be interested to hear how the numbers came out for your situation.

To add further perspective, i read that the average Australian spends $30 per week on alcohol.

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Laura said...

I had the same numbers. :) I liked the explanation on how the carbon tax works.

david said...

Hi Laura,
Yeah, i guess we have fairly similar scenarios - and so can probably expect a similar outcome. Especially bearing in mind the way the calculator is designed - to give as good an estimate as possible without quizzing us to the nth degree.