Sunday, January 23, 2011

Queensland Floods - Roundup

Recently there has been major flooding here in Queensland. The ABC has some astounding before/after photos here and here.

Once the waters receded there was some talk about climate change. After all, science forecasts say climate change means more extreme weather events.

John Cook (ABC) says for him global warming just got personal.

Graham Readfearn ponders why the premier's inquiry leaves out climate change - especially after the government's own report said "Climate change is also likely to affect extreme rainfall in south-east Queensland" and that "the projected increase in rainfall intensity could result in more flooding events".

The premier wants "mother nature to leave us alone". David Spratt suggests we should leave mother nature alone.

Melbourne predicts that by 2030 the city will flood almost twice as often, with the affected area 25% larger - because of climate change.

But last word should go to CSIRO. They say the effect on individual events is hard to judge, but that in general
"A warmer atmosphere can hold more moisture and will tend to increase the intensity of extreme rainfall events. It is expected that long-term climate change will result in greater climate variability with more intense extreme events than in the past."
In short, climate change makes crazy weather even crazier.

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