Friday, July 03, 2009

Pick The Best Car

Some handy tools for knowing which car is best... To rate the car you're looking at (or compare cars) there's the Green Vehicle Guide for cars 2004 or newer. For cars up to 2003 there's the Fuel Consumption Guide (1986-2003).

To convert those consumptions into a dollar amount, there is Fuel Cost Calculator which can do the sums for you.

ps. i've had a dig at holden before, so i thought i'd test them out. I used to drive a 94 Barina - 5.8L/100km (highway) 8.5L/100km (city). 15 years later, the 09 Barina consumes 5.9 (highway) and 10.5 (city). Any wonder holden are struggling?

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