Friday, April 17, 2009

Al Gore's Tips

News is that Al Gore (author of An Inconvenient Truth) will be releasing a new book, focusing more on the solutions to climate change. It will be called "Our Choice" and will be available in November. Of course, the end credits of An Inconvenient Truth contained a range of actions.
The climate crisis can be solved
You can reduce your carbon emissions
In fact you can reduce your carbon emission to zero

Buy energy efficient appliances + lightbulbs
Increase insulation, get an energy audit

If you can, buy a hybrid car
When you can, walk or ride a bicycle
Where you can, use light rail + mass transit

Switch to renewable sources of energy
Call you power company to see if they offer green energy
If they don't, ask them why not
Vote for leaders who pledge to solve this crisis

If you believe in prayer,
Pray that people will find the strength to change
In the words of the old African proverb,
when you pray, move your feet

Learn as much as you can about the climate crisis
Then put your knowledge into action

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