Monday, January 19, 2009

The Hot Topic

When a book comes with recommendations from Al Gore and Tim Flannery, you know you're in for a good read - and so it is with The Hot Topic by Gabrielle Walker and Sir David King.

It is in three sections - the problem, the technical solutions and the political solutions. The last section includes actions we can take as individuals in our own lives - and also an informative comparison of the emissions of various countries (both current and historical).

For instance, the much-talked-about China and India produce 5.0 and 1.6 tonnes per person of greenhouse gases (in a year). By comparison, the US (24.0) and Australia (26.2) are clearly slackers - even compared to Japan (10.6) and France (9.0)


GreenMummy said...

See also Friends of the Earth's book 'How Can I Stop Climate Change?' at

david said...

Hi GM,

Thanks for the tip.

Actually, i have already read it - and thought it was great. (see my review)