Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sydney City Beats Brisbane

Obviously I'm not talking rugby league, but Sydney has beaten Brisbane in becoming the first government to become carbon neutral.

Granted, the 'City of Sydney' is a smaller council than Brisbane, but nevertheless they have improved their energy efficiency, purchased 100% renewable energy, and offset any unavoidable carbon emissions.

Meanwhile, to the best of my knowledge, Brisbane City Council gets just 5% of it's electricity from renewable energy - despite the efforts of Helen Abraham.


david said...

I contacted some councillors about whether Brisbane City Council has increased its commitment. Helen Abrahams informs me that Brisbane now sources of 50% of its electricity through Greenpower. Councillors Peter Matic and Jane Prentice are yet to respond.

david said...

Whatever Councillor Peter Matic lacked in speed, he made up for in detail.
Apparently Brisbane City Council purchases 70 GWh of GreenPower. By decreasing their energy consumption, this will soon represent 50% of their usage. By 1 July 2010, council will move to 100% GreenPower. By comparison Sydney City Council's 100% is just 39 GWh (because it's a smaller council).