Thursday, June 26, 2008

Queensland's Future

Yesterday the Queensland Government released the report Climate Change in Queensland: What the Science is Telling Us. The report detailed the local impact of climate change.

"No part of the Queensland community will be untouched by the impact of global warming" said Andrew McNamara, minister for Climate Change, "Queensland is getting hotter, rainfall is decreasing and the incidence of extreme weather events is increasing.”

Details include
-By 2070, Queensland is projected to be up to 5°C hotter
-A greater proportion of total rainfall now falls in extreme events
-Longer periods between rainfall events
-Increased intensity of tropical cyclones

Most concerning was the analysis that "the worst case climate change scenarios (predicted back in 2000) now present the most accurate picture of what is happening."

For more info, see the media release, or download the report.

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