Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Meat Feeds Climate Change

While "food miles" (the distance food travels to get to us) are important, for some foods it's also about how they are made.

Meat appears to be one of those foods. According to an article in New Scientist magazine, switching from red meat to veggies just one day per week would save greenhouse gases the equivalent of driving 1860 km. (And probably save some money too!)

The author of the study says that food miles, while important, are only part of the equation. Other things need to be considered, such as the transport of ingredients, the energy used in processing, etc.

If you're thinking that it's near-impossible to pick the most greenhouse friendly food, you're not alone. Several community groups are calling for carbon labelling of foods, informing the customer just how much greenhouse gas was produced in making the product.

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