Friday, November 16, 2007

Ryan Report

Regular readers will remember when i wrote to the candidates for my local seat of Ryan. I received replies from each of the candidates. Also, i attended the Ryan Candidates Forum on Climate Change, and spoke with two of the candidates individually.

As it stands my assessment (as far as climate change goes) is as follows. 1 - Evan Jones, 2- Charles Worringham, 3 - Ross Daniels, 4- Michael Johnson (who didn't even attend the forum).

Since i wrote my email, more candidates have nominated, but i don't really know enough about these candidates (and their views on climate change) to issue a firm rating. Jim Page attended the Climate Change Forum and i would definitely rate him higher than Michael Johnson (who didn't) but i'm not sure exactly where. Probably between 2 and 3. Maybe.

Again, this is not an overall assessment - it only covers climate change.

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