Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fly Carbon Neutral

If you've been getting on Coronation Drive recently you may have seen this billboard, promoting Virgin Blue's "Fly Carbon Neutral" intitiative.

Using the slogan "come clean - go green", the initiative allows customers to pay an additional amount, which will be used to reduce carbon emissions by an amount equivalent one customer's share of the emissions from the flight.

For instance, if a particular flight produces 400 tonnes of greenhouse gases and carries 200 people, then each person is responsible for 2 tonnes of gases. The addditional contribution would fund a 2-tonne reduction is emissions through other means - effectively making the flight carbon neutral.

Virgin Blue are not the only company to have this option. But if you're flying, why not take them (or your airline) up on it. If your airline or travel agent doesn't offer such option, suggest that they should - then go do business with someone who does.

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