Friday, April 27, 2007

Bill Day :)

It's not often that recieving a bill is a happy time - but it does happen occassionally.

Regular readers may remember my energy efficiency measures such as installing Energy Efficient Lights and adjusting the Hot Water System. I knew (in theory) that these would result in energy savings, but the bill would be the confirmation.

The hot water was down from 581kWh to 397kWh - a 32% reduction. Regular electricity was also down from 397kWh to 366Kwh - an 8% reduction. Some of this may be due to having shorter showers (due to the water shortage) but it's also due to the efficiency measures.

Of course, i also subscribe to Greenpower, so the other joy of getting my bill is reading the update of how many tonnes of carbon dioxide i have saved, by getting energy from renewable sources.

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