Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Greenpower Powers Up

2000 per week! No it's not the southerners migrating to Queensland. It's the number of NSW residents switching to greenpower, as a continuing surge of people sign up for the environmentally-friendly energy.

In 2006 (before the surge) NSW electricity users bought 285,000 megawatt hours of energy from renewable sources such as solar and windpower. The greenhouse equivalent of taking around 64,000 cars off the road.

During 2006, the number of 'green' customers had increased 68%, to a total of 68,053 customers. Imagine what it will be by the end of 2007!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but 'renewable' doesn't necessarily mean solar or wind (in fact it almost certainly doesn't mean solar) - it could be ethanol or anything that doesn't use fossil fuel - and this may still produce significant amounts of CO2.

david said...

Firstly, renewable energy DOES include solar. You may be interested in a visit to Greenpower which is the accrediation that energy companies must go through to offer green energy.
In short, they use Solar, Wind, Biomass and Water. Only one of these involves burning - biomass. However, what is burnt is typically the waste from agricultural processes such as sugar production. The bagasse (as it is called in the sugar industry) is part of the sugar cane, and hence it absorbed carbon dioxide as it grew. So the overall process is carbon neutral (but provides energy). Bagasse has always been burnt (for easy disposal) but the energy has not been harnessed as it is now.