Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Earth's Choice

While it seems fairly simple, there appears to be some confusion about the way green energy works - in the earthschoice setup.

You can purchase renewable energy in $10 units. For every ten bucks, 330kWh of energy comes from renewable sources rather than from burning coal.

If you want, you can purchase more than 330kWh per quarter. In fact, for an extra $120 per quarter you can buy 3960kWh of green energy (woah!). Of course, this is waaaaay more than most people would ever use - unless you have a family of 10 ;)

The average household uses around 2600kWh. To upgrade that amount of energy would be around 80 dollars per quarter. But this is only if you are an average user. If you are a good energy-saver, that will save you money. The easiest thing to do is to look at the amount of power (in kWh) from your last power bill, and compare that to the table at earthschoice.

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